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Welcome to the European Society of Cardiology. Our mission: to reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease in Europe

Download Mobile Guidelines for Palm, Pocket PC/Windows Mobile, Smartphones

Welcome to the ESC MOBILE Pocket Guidelines download page. Here you can download ESC Mobile Pocket Guidelines to your desktop computer and then load them onto your Palm OS or Windows Mobile/Pocket PC PDA handheld device. If you would like assistance, please contact us at

FOR SMARTPHONES: If you have a Symbian OS smartphone (i.e. Nokia smartphone or Blackberry device) and would like to download mobile phone versions of the ESC Mobile Pocket Guidelines onto your smartphone, please follow this link: smartphone versions. This link will allow you to download directly to your mobile phone.

For Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Devices: Use your mobile web browser to visit where you can view and/or download ESC mobile pocket guidelines prepared specifically for you.

Introducing ESC epockets for Palm OS

ESC epockets for Palm OS is a "library" programme that groups all of your individual ESC PDA Pocket Guidelines together under one, single Palm programme and icon for easy access. It requires just 49K memory and runs on any make/model of Palm OS device.

ESC epockets makes it easy for you to manage all of your ESC PDA Pocket Guidelines from a single screen.

ESC PDA Pocket Guidelines that you have already installed on your Palm OS handheld will be grouped within the epockets library programme. New guidelines will appear within the epockets library programme as you install them on your handheld.

ESC epockets is provided for your convenience -- its use is optional. Click here to download epockets to your desktop computer. Unzip the file and move the ESC epockets Library programme (epockets.prc) and the help file (ESC-HELP.prc) to your Palm OS handheld computer using the traditional install/ Hotsync process.

ESC epockets Library Tips

View the Full Guideline Title  tap the diamond in front of each PDA Pocket Guideline to view the full title of the publication.
Hide Individual Guidelines  tap the menu icon (lower left) and choose Hide to hide or show the individual ESC PDA Pocket Guidelines stored on the Palm internal memory (guidelines on SD cards are always visible).
Open a Guideline  tap the guideline name (e.g. PCI) to open and use the Pocket Guideline.
Beam a Guideline  tap the menu icon (lower left) and choose Beam to share individual ESC PDA Pocket Guidelines with your colleagues.
Delete a Guideline  tap the menu icon (lower left) and choose Delete to remove a specific ESC PDA Pocket Guideline from your handheld.

Get the ESC PDA Pocket Guidelines

Visit the ESC PDA Pocket Guidelines page to get the ESC epockets library programme and the latest PDA Pocket Guidelines from the ESC. If you need assistance, contact

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